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August 20th, 2016


Oh great! Next you probably want me to disconnect the 8 track player in the car too!!! By thw way, have a "new" VHS tape of this movie that just came out, "Jaws", sounds good!
.....I've watched that movie 73 times now Back to your scheduled programme......
Not safe to go into the water! Well, salt water anyways.............
Thanks for the comments. Has anyone seen that newfangled movie "This is Cinerama?"
No, is it as good as Jaws? Rich, dodoooo dodooooo
Yeah, but have ya READ THE BOOK?? So much better. And scarier. First person shark munching.
A person munches a shark! Sounds like a great movie!!
Sharknado series is as good
As in first person perspective of being shark munched, Rich. Especially the first one. Ropes ya right in.
Oh you English Majors!!!
At MY age, have enough trouble falling asleep at night without "Sharkmares"!!!
Another reason why you should have your own website
Information Technology, actually. Shoulda been English though.
OH! That's right, I WAS THE ENGLISH MAJOR! Sorry, hope this makes it betterer..........
get the feeling I am the only art major here on this site. shaking my head in disbelief.
Muchly betterer, thankee! =)
Don't think "muchly" is a reel word, The Most Bestest Wishes,
Muchly is a real word coz of what I use it all the time s it has to be! and you all need to learn to talk proper like what I do!
There you goes wit da Britush English again :::sigh:::
Irregardless if muchly is a word or knot, I would suggest that you don't never use it again! Pacifically hear! After all englush is our mother's tongue, mostly....
The first time I saw "muchly" in print was on a memo from a co-worker like 25 years ago. She always used it. She also visited Australia like three times a year so I figured she picked it up there.This was when I lived in Boston and we didn't think she was wicked smaht at all.
I just finished putting this down in my yard and it's much more "mulchly" now and should stop the weeds.........muchly................
"mulch"....another word that is an assault to my ears. Just like moist, the phrase "run amok", and the name Blanche :) haha!
I know! But I think I've had Blanche's Almonds........ Don't know how she does so many almonds, they're everywhere!
In this house everything gets "age" as the suffix. "Want milkage?" "I need sleepage." "Gimme kissage!" No clue where we picked this up fromage. Now I need cheesage.
It is my considered opinion that yous are all away with the fairies...
I think this discussion needs to be closed. Thank you.
Thank you for your patience while our Product Team investigated the issue. They have concluded their investigation and reported back to me. The block will be lifted. Please be patient and allow up to 2-3 weeks for your site to be crawled, served, and indexed correctly again.
Hi Michael - l have the same problem as you with the seach engines not coming up with our websites directly. Abbey just tells me there is no problems and I shouldn't use the search engines - just my address bar- like nothing has happened. Has she/ tech support contacted you about this ?
I was contacted, but no answer on any fix. It could take at least a couple of days for a response. I am also waiting to hear from Bing since I was concern at first is something wrong/inappropriate with my site. Thanks.
Hi Michael, thanks so much for getting back to me. Abbey keeps telling me there's nothing wrong, there is no change, it must just be our imaginations........
I give up. Thanks again.
Late last year this site disappeared from search results, but still indexed. Upon inquiry I learned a block was placed on it which I was thankful to Bing for removing the Block. As of January only the Blog and Event pages seem to be appearing in search results. I have received no response from Technical Support at Artist Websites, and again asking for your help. I have no idea on what I can do on my end. Thank you.
Thank you for your response. However, I do not understand what they mean since the website is a "canned" or formated site through Artist websites and Fine Art America. I am not skilled in programming, and therefore do not understand why because as I noted the website is through Artist websites and Fine Art America. Unfortunately, they submit the site to the search engines which i learned after I first subscribed to their service. I would like to do what I need to do, but have no clue as to the problem. Thank you again.
I am pleased to see that FAA has resolved issues with the search engines. Although my Artist Website is indexed it continues to have problems, and could be why also searches on Google are recently less than expected. I share with you a response from Bing some weeks ago suggesting there are technical issues with the artist website.
'You will need to work with Artist websites and Fine Art America to correct the issue. Looks like they are using none approved tactics across many site they are building which is also affecting your site as well. They will need to make corrections to your site and their domain in order to meet the approved SEO guidelines.'
Thank you.
You do not use a search bar for an address. I'm sure I've said this several times. If you are in a search that is not the address bar. You put in the address bar, not the search bar. The address bar is where, if you look now, you will see the link to this page.
Do not use search for links. It does not work that way.

The point is to have an emergency or backup plan for unavoidable circumstances, and better to have the resources such as available funds to build your own premium custom website where you have most control. Thanks for reading, and have a fun day.

Why One Source For Internet Marketing And Sales Is Not Enough Chapter Five

July 2nd, 2016

Why One Source For Internet Marketing And Sales Is Not Enough    Chapter Five

Sorry Rich, I was just headed to bed and being utterly exhausted was not seeing straight :/
Now, about that Manilow tape... toss it with the VCR and type directly into your browser's address bar.
While yer there you might want to check the current charts :x
"Current" is overrated. :)
.. NOT understanding the original issue.

I type ... "artist Robert K-----------" ... into Google search bar, and there I am at the top, ... yeah it's a fine-------------- domain name, ... so what? ... my own domain name points to this, so if I give my domain name out as the website address, it STILL gets back to a website that comes up in a Google search.
Same with Bing ... I type in ... "artist Robert K" ... and there I am again, right at the top. ...
I type my domain name ... "" ...into the ADDRESS rectangle, and there it is ... my artist website, which is hosted by FAA, where I forward my domain-name URL.
It would make sense that an artist website that has NO connection to FAA but the EXACT same content as the artist website at FAA would NOT come up at the top of the page in a search-engine search, because it is DUPLICATE CONTENT, and search engines loath that.
"yeah it's a fineartamerica domain name, ... so what? .."
The "so what" is that customers can go anywhere on FAA from your FAA profile whereas if they land on your AW then can only see your stuff. It's not anything any of us have any control over so it's not worth sweating over.
When I search you FAA shows up third. The 18 possible Kernodles come up fist. Then comes Art of Fluid in forth, then your NC phone number in sixth,
then in ninth place Absolutearts. Who is Robert Kernodle the Entertainer Man? Is that you?Search ... "artist Robert Kernodle" ..., and FAA is first in Google.
There are lots of Robert Kernodle's ... some lawyers (go figure).
There is a Robert Kernodle professional wrestler ... NOT me. (^_^)
When I am looking for an artist by a certain name, I always type the word, "artist", before the name, ... to narrow it down.

Why One Source For Internet Marketing And Sales Is Not Enough Chapter Four

July 2nd, 2016

Why One Source For Internet Marketing And Sales Is Not Enough    Chapter Four

"Some browsers allow the use of the same address bar as a search bar. " Why in the world would you want that! lol I just use Google as my home page, if I have the url I put in the address bar, if I need to search Google is right there.Thanks for the info! Now, can you help me with my VCR and stop it from blinking 12:00!!!
To everyone if you search your name you will find yourself. But if you have someone else search your name things come up much differently in a Google search. Even clearing your history will not give you a clear picture of what Google gives others. I promote
now much more. I have revamped my website and now like it a lot. It only will barely help. Everyone here needs to market a lot well away from FAA. PS I called Elle Decor this morning to find out about ad space. The magazine wants $7770 for a full paged ad. How does
it feel to want? money.....not enough anyways.....
Sure Frank... throw it away and type directly into your browser's address bar ;)
ah Franco
I was wondering who Frank was. Lol
I use Chrome and constantly type all searches into the address bar. If I'm not sure how a site's name is registered specifically or if I'm too lazy to think/type it out, I put in what I know and select from the choices. (having people search for your address and then select from Google helps (or did at one point) your search ranking. If everyone always just goes directly to your site, Google ignores those visits, search-ranking-wise, from what I understand.) Sometimes, if it's a blog or site I like and want to help, I'll click on the Ad promoted link, to help support them. You can also search some sites by putting in the site name, including the .com org, hit tab and do a site search from the address bar, if the page has that capability enabled. You can also track shipments by just putting in your tracking number, flight numbers, etc., into the address bar. The artificial intelligence for conversational search has been given another bump up also.
Not being Frank with me! I unplugged it and the blinking STOPPED!!! Amazing! Now to get that Barry Manilow tape out................ Rich, Not Frank
good grief

Why One Source For Internet Marketing And Sales Is Not Enough Chapter Three

June 8th, 2016

Why One Source For Internet Marketing And Sales Is Not Enough    Chapter Three

I haven't been able to get to my artist website directly since Monday. When I type it in my web browser in Google it goes to Fine Art America and my name and I hit that link. All the other browsers Bing, MSN, only now go to a Twitter link with a few recent uploads and there I see my website listed. I was on a friends computer and we tried Internet Explorer and I think it was Yahoo which I never use and they both came up completely empty using my artist website address. Yet Abbey emailed me and told me just type in the URL on the address bar on the browser and get to the site where nothing has changed. She said do not use Google. But that still works the best of any for me. Why is this company refusing to acknowledge that there has been a problem with this? There is no longer direct access to our artist websites when we punch it in our browsers? Why are we the only ones talking about this? I just had 1000 business cards recently made with my artist website listed but am told that's not a problem. Well, time will tell. I just don't know how this happened so unexpectedly all across the board or what or why?

Those are not browsers. Those are search engines. You have to put it in the address bar of your browser, not in search engines. Others are not talking about it because they are putting it where it should go

What She says, type your url in the address bar, not in a search engine, I just did it using your url and it came up just fine.
Then my understanding is that most buyers/collectors type the url in the address bar. Still, a percentage will use the search bar in finding a site. I am optimistic that the not finding FAA and /or someone's site on Bing via the web search will be resolved. Best to leave the software fix up to the experts, which brings up the question what ways are best to make buyers aware of how to find a site?
"which brings up the question what ways are best to make buyers aware of how to find a site? "

There was differently a change...maybe re-indexing or cache update or something by the search engines...but after a few days now of first noticing it, search results are starting to now show with my own domain name. Let me re-cap..a week or so ago I noticed when I went to the 3 top search engines and search my "name" google would always find my stuff but it would be at the name) ..nothing could be found on the google search for my own domain "name".com. Bing and yahoo searches would find my "name".com using the same search. So I figured it was just a google thing. Obviously, I do not want a search of my name to bring up my finearamerica link as that. Then, I few days ago, all search engines were bringing up the name) link with my domain "name".com nowhere to be found. Today, a google search of my name shows up on page two of the search. So my gut tells me all is well, its just a temporary thing and hopefully moving back to how I want it to be which is a search of me shows me as the result not me at fineartmerica. Hope this helps.

With all due respect, when I type in my website into my address bar it goes to Twitter @irwin___ which I can hit and then it shows recent uploads and my website underlined. The search engines - sorry I called them browsers- of Internet Explorer(MSN) and Bing goes to this same Twitter listing(s) but at least Google goes to Irwin barrett fine art america which I have to hit on to come up with my artist website. Up until last Monday you could type in my website into any search engine and it would directly access my website- no problems. Now you have to try and find it indirectly. But you insist nothing has changed - how dare I use search engines- when that was always the quickest and easiest way to do it for me or any other member of the public. Maybe there is something wrong with my address bar that it is not working properly, but that doesn't explain why the search engines now don't come up with the websites directly after always working like that before. I'm not blaming you or FAA for anything, I just would like you to admit that something has changed for the worst instead of saying we should be only typing our websites into the address bar instead of now any search engines. How and why do we now have this problem? Can it be reversed? At least acknowledge this has happened. Like I said- with all due respect- I'm not blaming anyone- l would just like some answers.
In her defense, she may have used the wrong word but the fact remains that on the FAA end, nothing has changed. It is likely your browser settings and or the way the search engine is working...I too have noticed a difference in the way the search engines are working...but on the FAA and family of FAA domain names and sites, there have been no changes and everything is working like a charm.
The only way that would happen is if you have auto suggestion turned on, on the browser and you are just clicking through on one of their suggestions. Your link does not, I repeat, does not take you to Twitter using the address bar on your browser unless you are using auto suggestion
"Twitter using the address bar on your browser unless you are using auto suggestion" That might explain it, though I've never heard of that. I've never seen putting an url into a browser address bar take you anywhere but to that url. I'm still wondering if some fuzzy terminology is being used here causing confusion.

Lemme see if I can clear this up some. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Explorer - browsers. A browser is a piece of software that's job is to render the code of the web (usually HTML or CSS) and display it as webpages. Every browser has an address bar into which a website URL (web address) may be entered to access any webpage directly (e.g., If you know the address of the webpage you want to access, this is ALWAYS the fastest way to access that site.

Some browsers allow the use of the same address bar as a search bar. In this case you enter the information you know in order to conduct a search to find the page you are looking for. When you enter your search terms, domains such as .com, .org or .net should never be included (e.g., Susan Maxwell Schmidt), simply because if you have that information you likely already know the address of the page you want and you wouldn't be doing a search, you would just access it directly. The browser will interpret the lack of a domain and spaces between the words in your search terms as your intention of doing a search, the default search engine of your browser will conduct it for you automatically, and display all the results it finds as a list on a webpage. Keep in mind that this will result in multiple sites being listed, and the one you want is not necessarily going to be the one at the top.

Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Bing - search engines. Search engines are webpages in their own right, which exist solely for the purpose of enabling you to find anything on the web. If your browser does not also treat its address bar as a search bar, search engines are always directly accessible from typing their site address into the browser's address bar (e.g.,,, etc.). Once you are on a search engine page, they will have their own search bar into which you would enter the information you are looking for as search terms, again usually without any domain information. When you conduct your search, the search engine will again display all its results as a list. Clear as mud now, eh? Now if you'll excuse me, I'm having tech writer flashbacks and it's making my tummy hurt :::shudder:::

Why One Source For Internet Marketing And Sales Is Not Enough Chapter Two

June 5th, 2016

Why One Source For Internet Marketing And Sales Is Not Enough    Chapter Two

It’s totally gone. I forced it to look for just mike ____ fineart_ - and it’s not there at all. And how interesting -- NOTHING of fine art _____ is in bing at all. The first thing that comes up is the rip off report --- that isn't good.

i just mailed tech support about that one. Seems bing dropped all the sites all at once. looking back i don't have hits from that site. on the plus side, most use google.

And because it’s not in bing – it’s not in either (yeah people still use this site)
or yahoo

If we are supposed to market our art outside of ___ and ____ how can people search for art say via our AW on the basis that neither profile pages or websites are showing up say on google,Bing and Yahoo

Well, I guess I made the right decision nearly 3 years back not to even concern myself with search... Still growing sales at a steady rate... never paid any attention to ___ or Google search. Just do what I do and it seems to be working.

Interesting I did a search for Photo Captures by Jeffery on Google and if I am remembering correctly at one time my listing on ___ did come up but appears it no longer is in the search results. What doe’s come up is my main site and my social media profiles and listings.

I just tried a search and ___ is off the list. Nothing comes up. Strange that all my other sites are still listed. What happened? Hmmmm,

See that when I google my name FAA comes up 2nd. I hope it stays there! Not seeing that on Bing or Yahoo

Marketing via other means: advertising, face-face contact, exhibits and so forth is essential to selling. However, it is a problem as far as selling copies of one's work or having business cards including a web address. Based on comments it looks like I need to have new cards printed, and change my marketing strategy.

Same here. "Rich Franco" comes out on top with a Google search, but only Fine Art ____. I have a domain name that points to the "Artist's" web site,, but only goes to ___, not my artist's site! If I type in, it does go to the Artist's site!
Google comes up with FAA without an issue, doesn't know from the artist site. Bing, yahoo, dog pile - they don't know they don't have any version of this site at all. It goes to other sites, mentions, facebook, the fraud report is number one - that's never good. for your cards, you should always use an url anyway. Then you can redirect it any place you want.

seeing that google doesn't like clones #lol i am going to try seeing if i can link or blend my AW which any uses a custom domain in with my main art/photography website
i made 3 sales this year and one of those was through my AW

For the benefit of non-tech members what is the difference between a URL and web address?
It is the same thing. Web address = URL = link

URLs and web addresses are two separate entities a URL is often used when wanting to access a particular document or site whilst a Web Address is more like a memorable street address,as it can help people to find you online.

My AW comes up number 5 in a Bing search. Number four on Yahoo. Number 1, 3 and 5 on dogpile. But I don't see the "__ART___" name at all. Just my AW. But that is what I want anyway.

Something is up for sure.

Why One Source For Internet Marketing And Sales Is Not Enough Chapter One

June 2nd, 2016

Why One Source For Internet Marketing And Sales Is Not Enough  Chapter One

My Story is as follows:

This website has been active for over two years, and now is no longer appearing in the search engines. At first website,s host submitted this site for indexing (I think it had to do with the primary owner. I have not received a response from them as well as their owner. I hope you can provide me info to explain if it is the web host issue or another matter. Thank you very much I hope someone can explain the problem, and how to fix it. Since Monday, my site has vanished from two major search engines. Still waiting for replies from tech support. I also find owner’s own site is missing in the Bing search. Thanks.

Thank you for contacting Bing Webmaster Support. I reviewed your ticket and investigated the issue. I discovered a block on the site and I have escalated your ticket to our Product Team for further review. I will contact you again as soon as I hear back from them.

I hope someone can explain the problem, and how to fix it. Since Monday, my site has vanished from Bing and Google. Still waiting for replies from tech support. I also find that the owner’s site is missing in the Bing search. Thanks.

Well Google doesn't list it because it's just duplicate content of the owner’s site. Bing was showing them before but maybe they are towing the same line as Goggle now.

Michael, Concentrate on adding content to your own web presence and promoting that.
In doing so, I'd also consider getting off the free (webs) domain.

A few days ago my own domain name still came up on top on searches everywhere but google. On google it would come up only as a page in the owner’s web all other searches are doing the same thing. My own domain doesnt show at all....Trav..what do you mean get off the free domain. Can we disable that? I dont think so.

Unfortunately, the noted website is useless if you are hoping to be found in google. As people above have mentioned, it is just a clone and google doesn't list it. I used to see it from time to time in past, but it was a long time ago. It is only good when you want to direct someone to your work.
All the AW are being given a address.

I have the same problem. My AW site used to be #2 On Google and now is nowhere to be found! Until very recently My AW site was #2 or 3 on Bing and Yahoo but not anymore! I have my own domain name.

Everyone likes copying google, and google used to copy yahoo when it first started. AND can't really depend on anything these days. i think partly it’s the coding and the following, it used to show up in google as well. The sad thing is - it doesn't show up AT ALL now. Not even fine art links. Something seems to be going on in the background for it to not show up at all.


February 3rd, 2016


What is a definition? There is no one way to state what it is, except to make clear and specific the meaning of a word. The definition of Art expanded upon the invention of the camera, and then exploded along with the invention of the computer and various programs. Photography and Computer Art are now being exhibited and sold as “Art” while freehand drawing and painting are becoming things of the past (horse and buggy, analog electronics, childhood group activities organized & managed by children, etc.). Photographs can be modified to resemble paintings, and computer generated images can be printed to resemble paintings (rough surfaces interpreted as brush strokes or uneven distribution of paints).
I have sponsored many on-line art contests with specific rules, but receive some entries of works completed in excluded media (photographs for paintings only, “digital art” for paintings and drawings only, as a couple examples). Either they don’t read the rules or ignore them.
I think of the contests as a reflection of social science – wanting to change the meanings of words (adding exceptions to the definition or enlarging the definition) or wanting to have absolute control (pick and choose the rules that benefit one). Then, when will a word reach a definition where it no longer applies to the true nature of the person, thing, animal, or event?
In the future will definitions and connotations become the same? Aristotle, we need your help.
Could it be one part of us view art as a profession while another part of us view it as a business? Therefore, when I think of the art as a business I think of it as different from other business – no doubt that auto repair, supermarket, department store, airline (to name a few) operate differently. Art is susceptible to redefinition, and could become a blur.